Here are a few examples in which Clear Light's satellite images are and can be used:


Book Fantastic Earth/SHOGAKUKAN Inc. Japan
This book shows 40 scenes of the earth's "real face", seen from 700 km above the earth. Our globe image is contained inside.

3800 yen + tax
December 10, 1999
ISBN 4-09- 681281-1

Copyright 1997 (C) Shogakukan.
No reproduction or republication is allowed without written permission.

Web site Our Spaceship EarthTM
"One Island In One Ocean...From Space"^Buckminster Fuller Institute

Given a way to visualize the total planet with greater accuracy, humans aboard Spaceship Earth will be better equipped to address the challenges to humanityfs future.

The NOAA Earth 1 Km satellite image image was created by Clear Light Image Products.

Book Geography for Junior High/Teikoku-shoin Co., Ltc.
A school textbook.
Out work, a view from the space of the west part of Japan, is contained.

Poster Brightest Africa/Clear Light Image Products
Brightest Africa is considered the birthplace of humanity. In this map, the national boundaries, along with the country and city names, have been drawn more finely than is usual in a map in order to blend into the terrain. This allows the physical features of the continent to be seen as uninterrupted from a distance while inviting a closer look to discover the political features and appreciate the high level of detail.
Can be ordered by e-mail: info@clear-light-japan.

Copyright (c) Jim Knighton/Clear Light Image Products, 1998

Web site Satellite Map of Tibet/Tibet Environmental Watch
This site will be used to update important Tibetan environmental information as new data becomes available and to build upon the concept of a "Zone of Peace" as presented by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Our work, one of the collection of artworks using NOAA satellite earth image, is featured.

Copyright (c) Jim Knighton/Clear Light Image Products, 2000

Book Visualization of Natural Phenomena/Robert S. Wolff & Larry Yaeger
This integrated book/CD-ROM package allows users to interactively explore the techniques used in scientific visualization.Employing the image as the fundamental concept, the book covers a wide range of subjects under the broad heading of scientific visualization.

This terrain rendering of Mount St. Helens uses actual terrain data to show a simulated fly-through of the volcano after the explosion in 1980. The site shows its wonderful QuickTime and MPEG movies.

Courtesy of Jim Knighton, NASA/JPL

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