Clear Light refers to the broad range of electromagnetic energy (light) such as infrared, ultraviolet, and radar, that floods the world around us, but that is normally invisible. Clear Light Image Products is a company whose main purpose is to devise ways of making that light visible and useful. Our products consist of digital images derived from both remote sensing satellites and geophysical, political, economic, and social data that can be combined in a variety of ways. The resulting products include geo-referenced images for use with GIS (Geographical Information Systems) or as explanatory backdrops in videos or movies. They also include animations of physical change created from time series that are also suitable for movies or multimedia CD-ROMs. Finally, Clear Light also produces maps, both printed and digital, for use in books, posters, and digital atlases or other geographic products requiring accurate displays of Earth.

Clear Light's digital images are available for educational and commercial uses. For questions or inquiries, please contact us using the Contact Us page.

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